At That Perfect Hour, we certainly hope your workshop experience will be pretty close to perfect!

You can expect great company and a friendly and supportive environment. We’ll have delicious nibbles served at all our workshops along with coffee (the proper kind), tea and a fancy drink or two like a lime spritzer.

You will receive notes to take home covering what we’ve learned, so you can continue on your creative adventure. We’ll also make sure to provide further inspiration sources and places to find supplies. We’re aiming to kick start your creative passion and hope our workshops will provide the spark.

Oh and btw, most workshops are longer than an hour, but the name was cool so we stuck with it.

What to expect at our workshops

Unless stated, the workshop fee covers all materials and equipment required for the class. Sewing classes require participants to bring along a sewing machine, this helps students to gain familiarity and comfort with their machine. If a sewing machine is not easily available to you, hiring one can be arranged for a small fee.

Workshops are held pop-up style at various locations across Auckland. The location of the workshop you book will be clearly displayed at the time of booking.

Please contact Renee on 022 422 4239 if you know you will be running late. We need to start the workshop on time, so please do your best to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start time.

Workshops may be cancelled by the student up to 14 days prior. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Anyone 16 years or older is welcome to attend. Workshops for children are specifically noted as such and are available from time to time.

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