‘Increasing garment lifetimes is one of the most effective means of reducing their environmental footprint’

Fixing Fashion: Clothing Consumption and Sustainability (Feb 2019, UK House of Commons)


The opportunity exists right now for clothing brands to lead the way. Brands have the opportunity to talk with and inspire their customers around repair and clothing care. We know that clothing underutilisation is an increasing problem (Ellen MacArthur Foundation states that clothing underutilisation has increased 40% in the last 15 years). This is a problem for everyone. As brands move to develop more sustainable business and production practices, repair can be reimagined, not as a bygone practice of past eras, but as an essential part of what it means to be a responsible citizen.

Renee Williams is pleased to partner with leading clothing brands who want to enter into this space and show leadership. Renee created her business, Repair Redefined, to share her love of clothing repair. She is a clothing repair advocate and mending enthusiast who is on a mission to help us keep our clothes looking fabulous. Renee offers support, know how and a wealth of experience in clothing repair and can offer inspiring ideas unique to your business’s journey. Solutions can be tailored to the aspirations, goals and feel of each brand.

This is an exciting space to be in. There is huge potential for positive impact in increasing the longevity of our clothing pieces, as well as reducing textiles going to landfill.






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