Repair a Stained T-shirt

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A quick and easy way to repair a stained t-shirt.


This is a great method to cover small, unremovable stains on t-shirts or dresses made of knit (stretchy) material.

In this case, a permanent marker stain on a t-shirt dress belonging to my daughter.



When patching, it is always best to match the fabric of the patch to the garment as closely as you can. In this case, a stretchy patch for a stretchy garment. An old t-shirt is an ideal source of fabric for patches.


Brainstorm your design and cut fabric pieces that will cover the stain.

Once you are happy with your layout, you can attach the fabric patches to your garment using a double-sided iron-on interfacing or hemming tape (such as Gutterman Hemming Web, as shown below). Iron-on interfacing or hemming tape will become adhesive once pressed with an iron. Make sure to use a pressing cloth between your patch and the iron. Once applied, the interfacing will hold the patches neatly in place allowing you to stitch around the edges of the patches more easily.

Stitch around the patches in a matching or contrasting thread. I used a backstitch, but running stitch or whipstitch are great beginner options too. Knit fabrics won't fray so the edges of your patches don't need to be finished in any special way.

That's it! A simple repair with a fun result.

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