November is Mending Month!

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November Is Mending Month!
Stitch, Patch, Learn, Share, Upcycle & Care for Our Planet.


November 2020 is Mending Month - a campaign to encourage curious people to have a go at mending their clothes. It's about gathering up those garments you know need mending, but maybe they've been hidden away for a while, waiting for the mending fairy!

I (Renee) will be here cheering you on. We'll learn new skills, hear from special guests and most of all get your favourite garments repaired.

Mending Month is a beginner friendly and free event where learning, not perfection, is key!

As we hear more and more stories of the environmental toll of fast fashion and see images of discarded clothes being burned or sent to the developing world, these issues can seem overwhelming. However, learning to mend our clothes is a practical and empowering step that most of us can take.

With all the challenges that 2020 has brought, Mending Month will be a positive and proactive response.






Why Mending Month?

We are hearing that the most sustainable clothes are the ones already in our wardrobes, with that in mind, it makes sense to keep them in the best condition we can. It's empowering to know that you don't have to throw out your favourite jeans or jacker when they need a repair.

I want everyone to know the joy of being able to wear their much loved garments again!


How to Participate

Sign Up to Mending Month via the link below anytime during November and receive a downloadable guide. Keep an eye out here and over on Instagram @thatperfecthour for tips, tutorials and special guests.


Share your mending plans, wins and struggles on social media using the hashtags #mendingmonth and #youcanmendit - all through November!


Need help getting started?

Check out my workshops, both online and in person - I'd love to help you on your mending journey!

Click here for current dates.

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