Renee Williams created her business Repair Redefined in 2019 to share her love of clothing repair. She is a clothing repair advocate and mending enthusiast who is on a mission to help us keep our clothes looking fabulous.


There is deeper purpose here too - repair is a powerful way to extend the life of our clothing. According to the report Fixing Fashion: Clothing Consumption and Sustainability (Feb 2019, UK House of Commons):


'Increasing garment lifetimes is one of the most effective means of reducing their environmental footprint'


As our consumption and disposal of clothing continues to increase, discussing, promoting and learning basic garment repair techniques can be a perfect hands-on first step to increasing our connection with our clothes and the people who so tirelessly make them.


Renee writes and creates content around clothing care and repair topics. Some of her recent projects include podcasting, writing blog posts for sustainably minded organisations, creating social media content and speaking at Sustainability events.


Please contact Renee () for a Media Kit.

Recent Articles:


Good Magazine (December 2020)
Reasons to make mending part of your eco-journey
Re:Think Magazine (July 2020)
Not Your Nan's Jeans: Mending your jeans in 2020


Recent Content Creation:



Fashion Revolution NZ
Renee was invited to create a tutorial video for Fashion Revolution Week 2020.
'We had such a positive reaction to your patch making tutorial.....gosh it was brilliant!!'
Amy Conlon, Fashion Revolution NZ Country Co-ordinator





The Great Eco Journey
Renee created mending and clothing consumption awareness content for Instagram and Facebook.
'the most engagement EVER on a post on The Great Eco Journey!!' Juliet Dale, The Great Eco Journey
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