How To Mend A Stain With Fabric Paint

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Why not think outside the box when a garment needs repairing?


Mending does not always have to involve a needle and thread. Here is a cute way to fix a stubborn stain (coffee!) using freezer paper and fabric paint.


If you've never heard of freezer paper (likely if you live outside the US), don't be daunted, it's a great tool to incorporate in your mending arsenal.

If you're in Australiasia, freezer paper can be bought by the metre at Spotlight stores. I have also found it in international supermarkets selling imported groceries from the United States. The most common brand is 'Reynolds Freezer Paper'. You can also find listings for freezer paper on Etsy and Amazon.


The paper has a shiny side, which when ironed over will adhere to the fabric. This then allows you to paint your design easily, before peeling off the paper to reveal your handiwork.


Always place a press cloth, or piece of fabric between your iron and the freezer paper when ironing.



Now comes the fun part! Paint as many layers as needed to give a good paint coverage. This may be as many of 5-6 coats.


Let the coats of paint dry in between applications.


Once the painting is finished, carefully peel the freezer paper away to reveal your design.


Always remember to follow the directions on the fabric paint bottle regarding heat setting your design. Failure to do this could mean your design will wash off - ruining all your hard work. Heat setting usually involves ironing on the reverse of the design for a few minutes. Make sure to place a press cloth or fabric scrap between the fabric paint and your ironing board to prevent staining.


My Top Tips for first timers:
  • keep your design simple and use one or two colours to begin.
  • practice on a scrap of fabric or old garment first.
  • place a piece of cardboard between the front and back of your garment as paint can go through.
  • make sure the freezer paper is well adhered to your garment before you start painting to prevent the paint bleeding.


Good Luck!!

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