Don’t Want Your Mend To Stand Out? Tips for a subtle repair
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Sometimes a subtle repair is in order (read: expensive school blazer). Here are some tips for occasions such as these.

WATCH: Fun Upcycled Xmas Wrapping Ideas
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Fun upcycling ideas for Xmas wrapping using old textiles.

Can’t Mend It? Where To Next…
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What about those garments we can’t mend? Here are 4 ideas that will give them a new life.

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Mending Month Guest Alysha shares her experience of mending and loving her jeans again.

GUEST: How To Stop Your Mending Becoming a Pile of DOOM!
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Mending Month special guest Rebekah Holmes shares her top tips for organising your mending.

Quick Wins for Mending Month
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What a fabulous way to kick off Mending Month! Here are my top tips for getting those Quick Wins.

November is Mending Month!
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Join us all through November for Mending Month and feel the joy of wearing your favourite garments again!

Repair a Stained T-shirt
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An easy and fun way to repair a stained t-shirt. How to add strategically placed patches that look great and cover the stain.

Mend your clothes & save the world
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It’s shocking to read about the huge impact of our clothes on the planet. If the most sustainable clothes are the ones we already own, then it makes sense to keep those clothes in the best condition possible.

How To Cover A Stain With A Pocket
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Cover a stubborn stain by adding a cute pocket. Extend your mending skills with this beginner project.

How To Mend A Stain With Fabric Paint
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Why not think outside the box when it comes to repairing a stained garment? Here we cover how to use fabric paint to cover a stain.

What Is Visible Mending? (and why should I know about it?)
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Visible Mending is so hot right now. But what does it mean?

Visible Mending on Shoes??
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A friend recently asked me if these shoes could be saved. It’s easy to assume they can’t be, or it’s not worth the time and effort. I think it’s time to rethink this attitude! I say – ‘YES, they can … Read More

How to Mend the Inner Thigh Area of Jeans or Trousers – Part 2
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  Is the crotch or inner thigh area of your jeans or trousers wearing thin? If so, you are not alone – this is the most requested tutorial I am asked for! Here I will show you how to mend … Read More

How to Mend the Inner Thigh Area of Jeans or Trousers – Part 1
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This is my most requested mending tutorial – the inner thigh (or crotch) are is a common place to wear thin. In this Part 1 video below I will show you how to complete the mend using hand stitching. If … Read More

Quick Tip – Sashiko Thread
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Before your sashiko thread turns into a big tangled mess – here is a quick tip to help keep your thread organised and tangle free. It’s all explained in the video below.

Know Your Fabrics
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A crucial element to successfully mending your clothes, is knowing what type of fabric you are working with. However, to take a more holistic view – knowing fabric type is important for a whole range of reasons, including: 1. Determining … Read More

Community Mend Station
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A beautiful organisation called The Reinvented Project hosts markets where everything sold is either upcycled or vintage. What a perfect idea! I was honoured to be asked to host the Mend Station at their most recent market. In the words … Read More

Mending Basics: slip stitch
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Part Two of the Mending Basics Series is here. Slip stitch is perfect for mending a hole where a seam has come apart, particularly where you can’t mend from the reverse side – for example the lining of a jacket. … Read More

Mending Basics: running stitch
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Welcome to my Mending Basics series. THIS is the place to get started with mending! Firstly we will start with running stitch – all the info is in the video below.

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